Future Facade: new European trade event for the facade industry at Royal Jaarbeurs

Royal Jaarbeurs has announced a new biennial trade event in spring 2025 for the European facade industry: Future Facade. The quest to achieve a circular facade industry requires international knowledge sharing and cooperation. Complementing an existing portfolio of trade fairs in the building sector that includes BouwBeurs, VSK and DigiBouw, Royal Jaarbeurs is launching this new event in partnership with the European Facade Network (EFN), TU Delft and TU Darmstadt. Future Facade will bridge the gap between knowledge and practice, with themes such as digitalisation, industrialisation and circularity taking centre stage. TU Delft, TU Darmstadt and EFN will also organise an international conference on the topic of circularity in the facade industry to run simultaneously with the trade fair. Future Facade will take place on Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 May 2025 in Royal Jaarbeurs.

An initiative by Royal Jaarbeurs, European Facade Network, TU Delft and TU Darmstadt

International knowledge sharing and collaboration essential

Future Facade will be an international trade event with a wide range of keynote sessions and workshops in which experts share their knowledge on the very latest developments in the building envelope. Its target audience will include architects, consultants, contractors, construction companies and all other parties with an interest in the facade industry. A wide and high-quality range of products, materials, systems, innovations and experiments will be showcased to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice while taking the social context into account.

“The Netherlands is a frontrunner in circular facades and has an impressive international reputation,” comments Royal Jaarbeurs CEO Jeroen van Hooff. “It is essential to share expertise and cooperate with the global industry in order to achieve a fully circular building economy by 2050. I am therefore proud that Royal Jaarbeurs is organising this brand-new event together with the most innovative and progressive knowledge institutions in the building envelope sector.”

International conference

TU Delft, TU Darmstadt and European Facade Network are organising an international conference on the topic of circularity that will run concurrently with Future Facade. Leading speakers will share the latest developments related to circular facades with delegates, as
Ulrich Knaack, Professor of Design and Construction at TU Delft, explains: “The launch of Future Facade will take the European facade industry to the next level. A unique collaboration with Royal Jaarbeurs will ensure that we bring innovation, knowledge and networking together at one central location in Europe. Future Facade and the international conference will serve as an incubator for ideas and innovations which will transform the way we design and construct buildings in a circular manner.”

Royal Jaarbeurs and the construction & installation sector

Royal Jaarbeurs has long has been a key focal point for the construction and installation industries, including organising major trade fairs such as BouwBeurs and VSK, and introducing DigiBouw in 2024. It hosts a wide range of guest events for this sector and launched the online Construction and Installation Hub in 2023. This content platform is aimed at strengthening cooperation within the construction and installation world, sharing knowledge and accelerating sustainable growth.

See www.future-facade.com for more information